Non-linear video games are constantly pushing the boundaries of how we interact with media, giving players a choice on the trajectory of the narrative. This interactive film follows a young man defending his home from an invader. Unbeknownst to him, his family has secrets that he has to uncover in order to stay alive. This “choose your own adventure” narrative structure is inspired by the Telltale games and is similar to Black Mirror’s interactive film, Bandersnatch.  The project was created using conventional filmmaking practices and developed using Unity. The prototype was showcased at META 2018 a juried exhibition which showcases artwork for Ryerson’s New Media program. The Invasion was chosen for its’ for its novelty, interactive technology, and non-linear writing. This was a collaborative project with Sahill Lulla as the creative lead and my roll editing and problem solving the technical challenges. 



I have long had a fascination with Western movie themes. Western’s simple themes thrive on basic plots of revenge, retribution, vigilantes, frontier justice, simple good vs. evil. When asked to design a game during undergraduate school I wanted to create an experience motivation the player could understand immediately. Iron Sights is a 2D side scrolling shooter format developed in Construct 3 which use C++ as its base codec. I worked with an illustrator to create the more complex character sprites to make the game visually interesting. The goal was to design and create simple, easy, and fun game with a basic linear story. Play the game here at Kongregate:

I  took a liking to graphic design in my second year at Ryerson University.  This particular design not only explores graphic design and visual communication but also the development of an original comic book character and story line. The comic superhero talks to feline animals; domestic cats, tigers, lions, jaguars, cougars, panthers.  Making reference to popular children’s book character Doctor Dolittle. Created in 2016 pre-dating the blockbuster Black Panther by two years I chose the title Doctor Panther because it was both simple yet exotic. The graphic style and theme, reference Japanese manga inspired design, using strong reds and blacks as the main palette and uniquely stylized typography.

Science fiction is by far my favourite media genre, it explores humanities place in the universe and asks the question “are we alone?”. When asked to make a three-dimensional art piece I immediately wanted to create a model of a spaceship from a work of science fiction. Star Wars is one of the most popular science fiction media stories whose popularity crosses cultures and generations. When choosing which spaceship to model I wanted to create an art piece anyone familiar with Star Wars would recognize immediately. I chose the Imperial Star Destroyer. The elegant but powerful design of the spaceship is visually pleasing and overall a simple arrangement of geometric shapes. Star Destroyer is structurally supported by laser cut wood and covered with layers foam core. The biggest challenge was calculating the proportions. My primary reference for proportions and details was Star Wars video game models. 

Elegant design should never be noticed, same goes for typography. When manipulating letters and text its important to keep legibility. This piece was created in a Typography course at Ryerson. The assignment was to choose an animal native to North America and manipulate its name to create an illustration of the animal. Inspired by the movie The Grey starring Liam Neeson I chose a gray wolf. The Grey tells the story of a man versus a pack of wolves. The movie peaked my interest in how wolves hunt as a team and how this tactic makes them an apex predator in their biome. The silhouette of the howling wolf references the call to its’ pack and its’ natural dominance in the wild. The text fills the outline of the wolf while maintaining legibility.